I have always loved the fact that just about every action movie (more so in the past) would be filled with bad guys that look like they had some words with the ugly stick, but the hero always looked like he just walked away from a mirror. You would think that after all of those explosions, at the very least there would be a little dirt on them. However, there they are, looking like they just stepped out of their trailer. Then it occurred to me, they did just step out of their trailer. All the guys that we have been seeing getting blown up, shot, dropped from very high places, thrown into tanks full of sharks with frikin’ laser beams on their heads, etc, were just stunt doubles. That is why the hero always keeps that oh so fresh look. If you ask me I say it is the stunt doubles that are the heroes, the big star is just some candy pants pretty boy who looks good saying “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

Of course the real truth is, I have a stunt double do all my stunts. Call me what you will, but at least I make it look good.