Advice is a dime a dozen, when I go looking for advice I look for true wisdom. But, sometimes when we are looking for advice, in reality we are not looking for advice at all, we just want someone to listen. When you tell a friend that your back hair is starting to get a little out of hand, you kind of just want him to listen, you’re not really certain that you want to hear the words “back hair” coming out of his mouth back at you. And when you are feeling a little lonely and confide in him, it’s nice to know that if you were a nose he would pick you, but sometimes what you’re really saying is “I am having a private pity party and I decided to drag you down with me.” Any talking would just ruin a perfectly bad mood. So don’t panic the next time a friend comes to you for advice, they may just want to do all the talking and you may be totally off the hook. And if they stop talking and just stare at you like they want a response, just don’t say anything. If you give them enough awkward silence, they’ll start talking again.

In truth however, being a Christian, when I need advice in real life I have always found the Bible to be the best source. I haven’t been steered wrong yet.