It always seems like lawyers are the busiest people. You call them, they don’t answer. You leave a message, they don’t return it. You send a check…oh wait, I guess they’ll cash that pretty quick. I am kind of kidding though, I have a good friend who is a lawyer and it really does seem like he is always busy. From what I can tell, being a lawyer is a 24/7 occupation. You have clients calling you all hours of the night, court appearances on a regular basis (at many different court houses, in many different counties) and everybody that knows you wants free advice. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t want that job. Although, I think if I had that job I would probably be fined for contempt so many times that my fees would hardly cover it. I’m pretty sure that coming to court in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops and using terms like “I rest on your face” wouldn’t go over too well.

Can you object to opposition because you don’t like their tie, and you think they talk kind of funny?