Ahhhh, tin can phones and Guinness Book of World Records, two of my favorite memories from my younger years. I realize that now we have cell phones, video games and Youtube, so who needs tin can phones and the Guinness Book of World Records? We do! That’s who. Sure anybody can throw on a bunch of t-shirts and put themselves online, but we need a deciding force to tell us just who has the official record for most t-shirts at the same time. And what is the point of making the worlds largest ball of rubber bands without the validation that comes with that kind of effort? Sure, the cell phone has revolutionized communication, but nobody has ever won any records for the longest distance cell phone call. The tin can phone is the obvious solution to that problem.

If you find that the things you are doing are not taking care of your boredom, find something completely different and introduce it to the world. Sure, people may look at you weird, but just think about how they’ll look at you when you make the Guinness Book of World Records. Ok, they may still look at you weird, but the chick with the longest beard in the world will think you are just swell.