We all know that breakups can be hard, there was even a song written about it. But when two people break up there should at least be some form of communication after the fact to allow for closure. I’m not saying that you have to maintain a friendship, or stay in constant contact (sometimes there is good reason for the breakup), just that you should at least explain why you broke up. However, with all of the new technology today, breaking up has become way too easy. People are breaking up over texts, Facebook and all other manner of impersonal means of communication. And if taking the easy road is how you want to play it, don’t be surprised when your best friend comes to you with a box of your girly belongings and a message from your ex that It’s probably for the best anyway, because she needs a man in her life.

Breaking up should never be easy, it should be a very hard thing to do. Too many people are used up and discarded today because of how easy it is. If relationships were just a little harder to get out of, people may not be so quick to jump into them.