It can be tough when you go to school with a sibling. You kind of don’t want to travel in the same circles as them because then everything you do will make it back home to your parents. Not to mention that if your sibling has a habit of doing disgusting things, you probably don’t want to be associated with it. “Aren’t you booger boys brother? Do you eat your boogers too?”

What can be even worse though is when you are the younger and you get their teachers. “Oh, you’re Jim Shorts little brother aren’t you? Am I going to have trouble with you too?” Drat! Marked already, and I haven’t even had a chance to wreak my own special brand of havoc yet. Now you have to live with their legacy on top of your own. You either have to be a saint to shed the history passed on by the elder sibling, or you are going to be looking forward to only one signature in your yearbook.

Your best bet is to enjoy the anonymity and forge your own path. And any time you have to state your full name, just finish with “no relation.”