As a society it seems that we are obsessed with time travel, you can find all kinds of stuff online regarding the subject, even photos that some believe prove it exists. But if you think of it, there are too many problems with the concept of time travel. So many unknown variables. How do we know that if we were to go back, we wouldn’t inadvertently change something to the extent that we wouldn’t have created the time machine to begin with? Would we be stuck there because the time machine wouldn’t exist? Would the change be undone because we couldn’t have gone back to make the change? And what happens when we go back before our birth? Could we prevent our own conception? But again, if we prevented our own conception, then we couldn’t have gone back to prevent it (because we wouldn’t exist) and therefore we would be born. We could get caught in a perpetual loop that way. We’re born and we go back and prevent our birth. Then we’re not born so we couldn’t go back to prevent our birth. So we’re born and we go back and prevent our birth. Etc… Kind of makes your head hurt doesn’t it?

I think if I had a time machine, I would use it sensibly and responsibly. I would use it in the mornings so I could go back a few hours and get a little extra sleep.