I feel that Caregiving is a very honorable profession and am very thankful for the people who choose that vocation. In many societies people are judged by the way they care for their elderly, handicapped and infirmed. But, being a full time Caregiver can be a very draining career, you are constantly giving all of yourself to care for the person in your charge. Which is why we have Caretakers. A Caretaker is really just a Caregiver who’s tank has run empty and they are going out and getting recharged. How can you be expected to give something you don’t have (because you have run out)? So, when a Caregiver is running on empty, they go out and take some care. It’s a process really.

So, when you hear someone refer to themselves as a Caretaker, watch out, they’re a Caregiver on the edge. Just quietly hand over the care and nobody gets hurt. They’re going to take it anyway, so you might as well. If they refer to themselves as a Caregiver, you are safe. For now.

By the way, there is no need to research this to verify it. It’s all true.