If you’ve ever watched The Office you would know that it is a hilarious show. One of my personal favorites is the one when Jim makes his computer make the Windows alert sound, and every time he does he asks Dwight if he wants a piece of candy. He does this for a short while always with the same result. Finally, he makes the computer beep and doesn’t say anything to Dwight, yet Dwight still finds himself holding his hand out for a treat. It’s Pavlov’s principle that people, much like dogs, can be trained to respond to specific stimuli in certain guided ways. However, psychology can be so much more fun with shock collars.

Another one of my favorite pranks that Jim plays on Dwight (I guess April Fools Day has me enjoying the pranks a little more). Picture Jim dressed and acting exactly like Dwight:
Jim Halpert: Question. What kind of bear is best?
Dwight Schrute: That’s a ridiculous question.
Jim Halpert: False. Black bear.
Dwight Schrute: That’s debatable. There are basically two schools of thought–
Jim Halpert: Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Dwight Schrute: Bears do not… What is going on?! What are you doing?!

If you don’t get it, you need to watch The Office.