Sorry for the hiatus everyone, but these past few weeks have been a little much. First, I had a lot to get done at work and worked a lot of overtime, making it really hard for me to get to anything else. And then, last week my brother in law passed away suddenly, so we have been busy with family all week. Things aren’t really back to normal yet, but I am trying to get things back in order now and get things going in my life again. Thank you all for waiting for me and for your understanding.

Anyway, just a quick note about this weeks ArDuffle features. Both today and Thursday’s strips feature questions from Zorphbert & Fred, the two main characters in a strip by my good friend Dawn Griffin titled Zorphbert & Fred. You can find them at, and I highly recommend them. Family friendly and funny stuff, especially if you like alien comics, and judging by the fact that you are reading ArDuffle, I am guessing you do. Today’s question is from Zorphbert, he seems to be the more intellectual of the two as you can tell by his question. Want to know more about Fred? Check out the site, and don’t miss his question for ArDuffle this Thursday.

Thanks Zorphbert & Fred for this weeks questions.