We all have dreams, something that when we were younger drove us and got us excited about the future. We were going to be the next big actor or musician. Or maybe write the book that would forever change the world. Perhaps we would be the one to finally introduce channel surfing as an official Olympic sport. Whatever it was it gave us something to look forward to and work towards. However once you become and adult you find yourself having to change your dreams, and before you know it your only real goal in life is maintaining employment, and your dreams are reduced to simple things like trying out the new flavor at Baskin Robbins. Sure it doesn’t seem like much of a dream, but that one you can make happen. And you come to realize that the dreams of your youth are nothing more than the hobbies in the spare time of your adulthood.

I’m not saying not to follow your dreams, because obviously some people’s dreams do come true. I’m just saying that the happiest people are the ones with dreams during school that consisted of collecting all four of the Disney commemorative cups from McDonalds. BAM! Dreams coming true all over the place.