I know it sounds crazy, but if I had a million dollars I think I would have to do a little review of my situation before I went giving it all out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a very giving person, and I’m very happy when I give. But, just like everybody else, I have bills, debt and needs. I think the first thing that I would do would be to take care of my debt and bills. Then I think I would take care of a few needs. We need to do some maintenance on our home. We need to get our vehicles in tip top working shape so that we can have them for longer. We need some jet skis. We need some snowmobiles. Ooh, and an entire home theater system that feeds throughout the home. Ohhhhhh…you know what I really need? A big gold chain with a huge dollar sign on it. I should probably go ahead and get a big ol’ ring that covers all my fingers and a gold and diamond grill on my teeth, just to get that out of the way now instead of putting it off until later. And I’m definitely going to need a summer home in Aspen and a winter home in Vail. You know, just some of the necessities, nothing crazy.

After I take care of the needs I would go ahead and look into helping out some of the people in my life with what’s left. You know? ‘Cause I’m all about the giving.