This is a problem that is very near and dear to my heart. In all my years I have only had a small handful of people actually pronounce my name correctly. I make sure to let them know as well. Sometimes I think I should carry around a prize in the event somebody actually gets it right. “CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE THE FOURTH PERSON TO ACTUALLY PRONOUNCE MY NAME CORRECTLY! HERE’S YOUR OSCAR MYER WIENER WHISTLE!” I know, it doesn’t sound very impressive, but read that again and picture flashing lights with sirens and whistles going off. It’s quite impressive actually. You’d want to win it. I have had people butcher my name so badly that they have actually taken out letters and added new ones. Like they just don’t like my name because it is hard to pronounce so they are just going to give me a new one. Seriously, how do you get Swanson out of Swanagon?! There’s only one s in my name. Sound it out people.

I suppose I could change my name, but I don’t think people would take “Barry Schmelly” or “Hugh DeMann” very seriously.