Have you ever seen the old cartoons where the ghosts always have the cool ghostly gadgets? They have cool cars that can fly, jet packs, machine guns, anything they want really. And the item always just appears right out of mid air. I’m not saying that I would want to be a ghost or anything, because obviously I have better plans for myself after I die, but it sure would be cool if I could just think of what I need and have it just appear. It would be even better if I could just think of where I want to be and *POOF* I’m there. I can’t even think of how much fun I could have with my older brother with that, and getting to work would be a snap. It seems to me that I remember back in the 80′s looking forward to the year 2000 because we were suppose to have all this cool technology. Whatever happened to that?! I think there was a breakdown in the system.

Of course there must be ghosts who don’t have access to the cool gadgets, because you always hear about houses with haunted basements. Maybe those ghosts don’t have the jet pack and they’re stuck down there. Bummer for the ghost, but good for the home owner. Boo boo on you.