I personally believe in earned rewards and have always been willing to work hard for what I want and where I want to be. I still believe that kids sporting events should utilize a score and kids should be inspired to do their best. I think that all kids have the ability to live up to (or down to) whatever level they are told they can achieve. I find it very disappointing when we have systems in place that are meant to tell our children that they can not succeed on their own without the help of others, or without the removal of any form of competition. “Sorry little Johnny, we just don’t think you have it in you, so we are going to help you build your self esteem by letting you win.” We may think we are building their self esteem, but nobody feels good about winning something, only to have the person we were competing against say “I let you win.” Oh gee, thanks. I feel great now. Wow! My self confidence is through the roof. I can win when other people come down from on high and let me. However, if there is money involved, you can feel free to let me win any time you like. Self esteem be darned, I want the cash.

Oh, and when driving, you should never pass on a curve. It’s dangerous.