I’m one for smooshy pet names for my wife, call me an old romantic that way. And I like it when she reciprocates. But what I really enjoy is the gift of sustained life. I am sure that there have been more that one time in our 18 years together that she has looked at me in my sleep and thought how easy it would be to end her misery. I know I can be a handful, I’ve never denied that. So to me, the fact that she has let me live this long is a true sign that she still loves me. I figure that I’ll know when the love has left our relationship when I wake up in the middle of the night to see her hovering over me with a pillow. I’m not saying that she is a violent women, on the contrary. But let’s face it guys, we have a knack for driving our women to the strangest emotional places. We can’t help it, it’s like our super power.

So I think the gift of a lifetime supply of air is her way of saying that she still loves you. However, keep in mind that “lifetime” only means until you expire. Which could happen from a lack of air. So it still only means that she is allowing you to have air until she decides to take it back. Just food for thought.