Have you ever noticed that the happiest people are the ones sitting on their front porch whittling? They’re not whittling anything particular, just turning a stick into little sticks. Why is it that they are so happy? They have very low standards for their day. They’re not out looking for the big slice of the pie. They’re not trying to become master artists or solve the worlds problems. They’re just making a bunch of tiny little sticks out of one big one. It’s kind of hard to be disappointed with yourself when that is your only aspiration for the day. When you look around you and see people who are frustrated with their day or their lives in general, it’s because they had some kind of big plans for themselves, only to see their goals squashed. Go to any diner in Hollywood California and you are bound to see people who wish desperately that they weren’t there serving you pie. They wish they were down the street working on the next Martin Scorsese film or staring next to Bruce Willis in Die Hard 19 “Hardly Dying”.

So it would seem that the moral of this story is that the key to happiness does not lie in seeing our dreams realized, but in having no dream higher than making toothpicks.