Ahhh….The age old question. I don’t think anybody has ever considered philosophy in even the slightest terms if they have not pondered this question at least once. But I think it is important to ask the real question here, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, do we care?” I don’t think sound is merely a function of our presence, but a function of life. It happens regardless of whether or not we are there to verify it. But do we care? Trees fall in forests every day, but I am not going to lose sleep over it. Whether it made a thunderous crash, or made an odd, soundless plummet to the ground as if happening in a vacuum, it makes no difference to me.

But, I’ll tell you who does care, those poor bugs that never heard it coming. If only we had been there, the tree would have make all kinds of racket and the bugs would have know to get out of there. That’ll teach them to hang out in forests without human chaperones.