The battle of the sexes has been ongoing since the dawn of man. And in all this time we still have yet to figure each other out. Of course we know the basics; for example, as men we know that if we want the conversation to end, all we have to do is say something that makes our better half mad, she’ll stop talking to us altogether. And women know that if they want us to get off our tirade, a shiny object will often do the trick. But if you ask the opposite sex, they will both say that the other is impossible to get along with. It’s not that we are hard to get along with, we get along just fine with people that are the same sex as us, it’s just that we don’t understand the fundamentals of how to get along with the other. And how could we?! They never tell us! Apparently, if we don’t already know, they’re not going to tell us. So I guess it will just have to continue this way until the end.

Of course if women really want to know more about men it’s simple; prepare a nice steak dinner and meet them at the table with it. That’s it. See?! That’s the problem, you thought there would be more. There really isn’t.