When I was young I used to love sugar. I loved sugary sugar cereals for breakfast; especially with sugar on them. I loved doughnuts and sweet rolls; even better covered in syrup. But most of all, I loved candy, covered in ice cream, covered in more candy, and smothered in a nice medley of butterscotch and chocolate sauce. Of course I also loved getting wound up like a crazy gyroscope and riding my Tonka down hills. It’s in a kids nature to love sugar, it’s their only true fuel. If you watch a child for 5 minutes they will discuss four different topics before bringing you with them to another world, all while building this new world out of Legos. That kind of energy burns a lot of fuel. Have you ever seen a kid crash? It’s like the Hindenburg. Oh the humanity.

My mom figured out how to help curb my sweets habit. One April Fools day she set out a bowl of buiollon cubes on the table. They sure looked like candy to a six year old. I begged and begged before she FINALLY caved in and let me have a piece.

They weren’t candy.

I’m not really a big “sweets” eater today. I like a little piece of candy now and then, and I have a hard time turning away from a good cheesecake or lemon murange pie, but that’s about it. If parent’s want to give their kids energy drinks, that’s their preragative. They have to deal with them. What you need to be concerned about is when they become grandparents. To your children. You’re going to be getting some sugared up kids back from Grandma and Grandpa.