I think I should start by saying that I do not condone the theft of cable or internet, but isn’t it a sad commentary when it would be cheaper to run cables and advanced stellar equipment to another planet just to steal internet instead of having to pay the cable company? Obviously we are going to pay for it, and they know that. But would it kill them to give us cable à la carte and internet as a part of the service? I am spending a whole bunch of money for a whole pile of channels that I will never watch, in fact I have completely removed them from my directory listing so that I don’t have to waste the time getting through them. I’m cranky about the whole mess and it wouldn’t take more than a new company offering me service for $1.00 less a month and a free Tic Tac to get me to switch. And they wonder why there is no loyalty form their customers. Maybe it’s because we don’t feel any loyalty from them. I think their concern about using an à la carte type system is that there are channels that wouldn’t make it. Well guess what! They’re not making it anyway. If a station can’t make it on it’s own merit, then I think it is time to stop making us pay for it. Let me pick the stations I want, and I will pay for the stations I watch. It’s not rocket surgery.

I’m not saying that V-ME TV is a bad station that should go away, I can’t understand a thing that they are saying to know if it’s any good or not. I’m just saying that I probably shouldn’t have to pay for it.