I love going to see comedians, and there are some comedians out there that can really make you bust your gut laughing. I remember one time that I died laughing. Fortunately I got better. But I have been to comedians where I was laughing to the point that I literally could not breath and almost had to leave the room or I was certain I was going to pull something in my gut. Ken Davis and Taylor Mason come to mind. So you have to ask yourself, why do we put ourselves through such torture? I guess it’s because, regardless of whether or not it hurts at the time, laughter is good for us. Remember when you were a kid, and your mom told you to “stop making that face or it will get stuck that way”? Well, what better face to be stuck with, than one with a smile on it.

Laughter, it does the body good, like a medicine. So laugh like you don’t care, love like your life depended on it and fart like no one else is in the room.