I think it is just part of the human condition to never be fully satisfied with what we have or where we are in life. I guess that in a way that’s not entirely a bad thing because it helps up to strive for better from ourselves. But we have a tendency at times to take it a little too far. It’s not bad to strive to better ourselves, but never let it make you miss out on what you already have. Sure, even though we water our grass properly, maybe the grass on the other side really is greener. But it’s not necessarily better. Remember, the guy on the other side who’s fretting to keep his greener grass greener, is looking over the fence at you and wishing he could take a few minutes to lay in your grass and simply enjoy the day.

But then again, there is always the possibility that the grass over there is just better. In which case he just plain has it better. There’s always that possibility too. ;)