My mother taught me at an early age how to sew and cook just in case I had to spend any time as a bachelor. My mother had a lot of confidence in me. Anyway, knowing how to sew and wanting to sew are two totally different things. A person could know how to sew like a professional tailor, but if they don’t have the desire to work at it they will wind up with a great big pile of unmended clothes sitting in a corner just waiting for needle and thread. Eventually all of the clothes in the pile are replaced anyway because you forgot you even had them and by the time you remember that they are there and just need a little tlc you’re already committed to the new clothes. At least until they fall into ill repair as well, then the cycle starts all over again.

As far as knitting or crocheting, I never really had the desire to put any effort in that direction. So I guess I will have to rely on the kindness of others for my winter caps. Let ‘s just hope they don’t get any holes in them, because we all know how that ends up.