Happy Halloween everyone!

When I got this question I actually laughed out loud, and I immediately knew exactly when it was going to be featured. I figure with the new ultra popularity of zombies, ArDuffle was going to have to get in on the fun at some point and what better day than Halloween. You don’t have to look far to find just about any of your favorite characters or subjects being zombified, and now you get ZombieDuffle. One of the great things about ArDuffle is that you, the reader, get to determine the direction it takes in any given feature. It makes it fun for me when I get such great questions, and it often makes me stretch my imagination to come up with answers that are worthy of your time. So keep em coming.

As for my own personal zombie contingency plan? I plan to wrangle a few of them and set them up around my house as guard zombies. The way I see it, what better guard can you have than something without fear, pain or conscience. It will fight until it completely loses it’s head (literally), and if nothing else they will buy me some time to beat feet out of there. And, it’s a total win win for me. Because if it doesn’t work and I can’t get them to work for me, then I’ll probably be a zombie by that point and won’t care anyway.