You might have noticed this past weekend that I was not around. Well, this was for very good reason. My son and I were on a Kruise to the Bahamas. You might notice that I misspelled cruise, but actually that is not the case at all, it was a KISS Kruise:

KISS Kruise
Tanner and I are on the far right with Tommy Thayer

That’s right, it was an exceptional weekend where my son and I got to be part of the inaugural KISS Kruise and become some of the first members of the KISS Navy.

KISS Kruise shore bag
These were the shore bags they provided everyone for taking your belongings to shore

It was an experience of a lifetime and we were both stoked to be able to be there. We got to meet Paul Stanley and Doc McGhee and my son had a conversation with Eric Singer (although he didn’t even know it until the next day when a security guard told him about it). We didn’t get a chance to meet Gene Simmons, but it was understandable since it was his and Shannon’s honeymoon. But since our room was right around the corner from their rooms and right down the hall from their dressing rooms, we did get to bump into them all in the hall in full makeup and get a fist bump from them all. It was pretty cool, my son was totally stoked.

Doc McGhee
Us and Doc McGhee

Setting off out of Miami the first day was awesome because KISS came up to the Lido deck and did an unplugged, unmasked concert for us (the first time they have ever done that) and then did a Q&A with the crowd. It was awesome.

KISS Unplugged
Crowd on the Lido Deck, there were actually more on the upper decks too
KISS Unplugged
We were this close

Everybody was inspired to decorate their doors as well. To go with the KISS Navy theme I went with a combination Beetles Yellow Submarine/KISS drawing and then we added some tropical motif around it.

Decorated door
This was the best shot I could get of the whole thing because of the narrow halls
Decorated door
But here is a closeup with Paul Stanley’s autograph. Eric Singer signed it later as well

First stop was Half Moon Cay and it was beautiful. It was a small island with beaches like the postcards.

Half Moon Cay

First we did some swimming, then we did a little snorkeling (I don’t have the pictures from that yet because they are in a traditional camera and I have to get them developed, I bought an underwater camera there). Interesting note, I do not float, no matter what I try, I do not float. So we thought that maybe I would float in salt water. Nope. Sink like a stone.

Gorgeous beaches
The beach is right on the other side of those trees, and it was spectacular

Then we finished up in a tiki bar drinking something out of a coconut ;)

Drinking out of a coconut
Mmmmm…PiƱa colada (of course Tanners was non alcoholic)

That night was the indoor show. There were indoor shows on moth Friday and Saturday nights and we were suppose to only be able to go to one, but we were randomly selected to get the Platinum ticket which got us tickets to both indoor shows. They were rockin’. And even better yet, they did an obscure set list that nobody has ever seen live.

These pictures are actually from the second night. The first night we were much closer, but the pictures were on my iPhone and the whites washed everything out so they didn’t turn out so good.

Next stop: Nassau.


While in Nassau, we went to the Atlantis resort and took the tour of their aquarium which is one of the largest underwater aquariums in the world. It was extremely well done with stations that had recreated ruins of what they believe Atlantis ruins would look like.


Then we finished off the day at a Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Where I tried a Bahamian beer

Bahamian beer
Which was quite good.

Then it was back to the ship for show two and our photo with KISS. Sunday was more of a relaxing day out at sea. There were different events and things on board to keep it fun, but Tanner and I just did some relaxing. We got into a few of the events, but not as many as the first few days.

Anyway, we are back now and back in action. Just wanted to share this with you all because it was such a great time.

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