Speaking of something selling faster than hotcakes, I want to use today’s blog space to let you all know that I have some books left over from my last comic con, and I have a credit to get some more, so I have decided to offer them here. Just for you. The first (roughly) thirty are irregulars as well, so they will be an interesting addition to your personal collection. The back cover is upside down and the inside back cover was supposed to be the Ka-Blam ad, however, it is just a white page with “Ka-Blam advertisement placeholder” in the center where I marked it for them to place their ad. So at the very least it will be a cool conversation piece.

Each book will come signed and with a bookmark. If you are liking ArDuffle, you will love the Book “Little Green Men Are The Hope Of The Future, Trust Them.” The name of which came from an earlier feature that is also in the book.

Cost is only $7.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

ArDuffle - Little Green Men Are The Hope Of The Future, Trust Them.