I wouldn’t exactly call myself a bowler, but I do like to go with a group every once in a while. Our church’s youth group likes to go from time to time and it is always a great time. But I think the real fun is in watching other people bowl. Some people are so serious, some people are just there for fun and some people don’t look like they are all that certain why they’re there. But they all have their own little idiosyncrasies that make it entertaining for the casual observer. You have the tip-toer; the one who is so afraid to cross the line that they kind of tiptoe up to it and then stand there before releasing the ball. Then you have the strider; the one who looks like he is practically running up to the line only to release the ball seconds before losing his footing and causing a line fault (you always watch for it, but it never seems to happen). There’s granny bowlers (two hands under the legs), show offs (through the legs) and cannonballers (just fire the ball down like a cannonball and hope for the best, I have to admit I fall in that category). If you ever want to see diversity in motion, go to a bowling alley, you won’t be sorry you did.

But the funniest thing to watch is people who sway their arms back and forth like they can change the course of the ball that way. I think maybe they are trying to change the lane currents. At any rate, I think one of these days someone will perfect it, and I want to see it, that will be magical. Bowl on you lane Merlins, you’ll get it some day.