There is a societal construct that stipulates that we have to be out of the house by the time we are in our early twenties and that people who are still living at home in their thirties are pushing boundaries that should not be pushed. But if you think about it, maybe they have the right idea. They can live for a lot cheaper and by they time they are finally ready to forge out on their own they should have a nice little stock pile of money to give them a really good boost. That is of course, unless they spend it all on comic books and candy, in which case maybe they need to assess their place in life and take a few cues from others their age. But all in all, I think there is a level of jealousy from people who can manage to pull this off. Just think, no real responsibility, a great way to save up some money, and when you are ready to buy a house you don’t have to worry about selling your old one.

And don’t worry about the haters. Someday they will be living with their children and you can come along and point out the irony of their earlier attitude about the whole thing.