We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog entry to bring you this announcement…

This weekend I participated in The Digicon and it was everything it could be and more. Ryan of Gin and Comics has put together an online comic con that has brought out some amazing talent (for more on the talent involved, check out the guests page on the Digicon site) and some great panels. I had a great time and met some amazing people, and am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the first official Digicon and really look forward to the next.

But what was really cool was the challenge that Ryan orchestrated. Mike Meyer is a special needs gentleman in St. Louis who had a dirtbag steal his Superman collection after befriending him just to get a closer look at it (you can read more about it here). So Ryan put together a time period during the Digicon where all of the artists did a Superman design for Mike. Once done, Ryan is going to print out the designs and send them to Mike as a special, one of a kind collection, done special just for him. This is outstanding. So I had to take part. Here is the print that Mike will be receiving from me:


Obviously it is no replacement for the loss of such a great collection, but we hope that this project will bring a little joy back into Mike’s life. And I would like to thank Ryan for his including this in this Digicon.