This was a question from my brother and it was definitely one that had to be answered. We have been fishing all of our lives and there is still a lot about fish that we probably don’t know. They live in their own little world down there and depending on the lake you can’t see any of it. What are they doing down there? You have to wonder if they have little fishy games that they’re playing. And how many of those games are at our expense. You just know that the younger fish are down there double dog daring each other to swim up to your line and give it a quick tug. Little hooligans. But the real question is, what about drinking? They live in water, could they possibly get thirsty? I doubt it. I bet it is just the opposite. Much like how we like to get out into the water, they like to get out of it every once in a while. We already know they like to dive, they just do it backwards from us. We dive into the water and they jump out. I can just picture them up by the beach playing games to see who can get the farthest up onto the beach before having to get back into the water.

But I wonder if they have to wait an hour after eating before they can go play out of the water.