I drive roughly fifty miles to work and then fifty miles home and have been doing so for about six years. In that time I have seen just about every kind of driver and I never cease to be amazed at the incompetence on the road. Granted, I’m sure that I have driven people nuts myself (no pun intended), but what is with the guys that race to get in front of you and then slow down once there?! And how about those guys that will go all the way to the end of a merging lane, only to try and squeeze into a spot no bigger than their car? But what really gets me, are the guys that don’t know where their gas pedal is. You just know that these guys have no place to be, so why should they step it up a little? Why?! Because the people behind you may have someplace to be! That’s why! And then you get the guys who go screaming by you like you’re parked. Them I don’t mind quite as much because they are definitely going to set off any speed trap in my path, but the real problem with these idiots is that you just know that they are going to become a stain somewhere down the road. But what unsuspecting family are they going to take with them?

If everybody would just get on board with the speed I drive then the road would be a happier place. I’ll be like the pace car at Nascar. I don’t go too fast, but I don’t go too slow either, I drive juuuuust right. The other guys are either idiots or morons.