You people are weird, and if you could see yourself trying to lick your elbow right now you would agree. It would make a little more sense if we could lick our elbows, because it does seem like that is the most likely to be placed right into the food on the table. However, can you imagine being out on a date in a fine restaurant, only to look up and see your date licking their elbow. Would that really entice a second date? I think that there are things that we are unable to do for a reason. For example, most people cannot bite their toenails. However, some people can. Wouldn’t you prefer that NOBODY could bite their toenails? And don’t try it either. I see you there in the green shirt! Put the foot down! We don’t need more people that can do it. It’s one of those things that is best left in the realm of impossible for most people to accomplish.

So for now, lets just be glad that we have pets. Licking elbows and cleaning up food scraps off the floor is what they are there for. Don’t go trying to steal their job by figuring out a way to lick your own elbows.