Wow! Talk about commitment. Most women on Earth start getting uptight after dating a guy for a couple years with no proposal. Imagine having to put 1,000 years into it, I think biological clocks would start smoking. But at the same time, maybe taking a little time to get to know the other person before jumping into things isn’t a half bad idea. Of course 1,000 years is a little extreme, but wouldn’t you like to know about all of the idiosyncrasies you may be having to deal with for life before you get stuck with them? Imagine jumping into a serious commitment with someone who always talked in smooshy baby talk in public “Ohhhh, woooook. Im’s got a wittow dewt on im’s cheek. Wet’s cwean that up wis my spit and hanky. O tay?”. Or, how surprised would you be on your wedding night to suddenly see the man you just married sniff his fingers after scratching his armpit. Just thinking about it makes you want to scrub the image from your brain with a wire bristle brush doesn’t it?

So take your time, ease into these things. People can only contain their true nature for so long before they are ready to burst. It will come out given enough time. But watch out, because if they’ve been hiding it for long, it may be messy.