I do have to agree that bug bites hurt like the dickens, couldn’t tell you why, but they do. That’s probably why people run gazelles on the Serengeti when they hear that there is a bee afoot. If you need more of the scientific approach to realize what I am talking about, go into a crowd of men in the woods and yell bear. Almost instinctively they will all say “WHERE?!” Then, later, go back into that same crowd and yell “BEE!” You will see them scatter like cockroaches when the light comes on. However, we need to keep things in perspective. Would a bee sting be worse than a bear attack? No. So the easiest way to counter the pain of a small bug bite, is to go out and get an even larger bite. The pain from the bug bite will virtually disappear.

However, I think I would prefer just to live with the pain of the bug bite, but that’s just me.