I’m going to keep this real and start by saying that I do not believe that reincarnation is real, but there are times when I wish it was. I have met some real pieces of work in my life, and if reincarnation were real I would at least get the satisfaction of picturing them coming back as a circus poodle forced to dance around in a frilly little tutu to the sounds of roaring laughter from the crowds. Or even worse, maybe they could come back as a clown. *shudder*. But then I remember that if reincarnation were real, I may not be too happy with what I get either. I have to say, that as a Christian, I am quite happy with the plan for after I draw my final breath.

Especially considering that the alternative would probably have me living out an existence as plankton on a whales rump. Not too appealing if you ask me.