I have always been into crowd manipulation and seeing what you can make an entire crowd of people do without even realizing it. Every year, for many years, Denver has a big festival called “A Taste of Colorado” and tens of thousands of people attend. When I was a teenager a friend of mine and I would use this as our opportunity to hone our skills. One year we stood looking up at the top of a building. That was it. Just looking. Every once in a while we might point, but mostly just looking. It didn’t take more than ten minutes before we had a crowd gathered. And then we just quietly slipped away. Nobody knew what they were looking at, or who started the spectacle, but they stayed and continued to look nonetheless.

But I really love it when one person presents themselves as a target with some kind of stupid question. I knew a girl once that was going into downtown Denver and I told her to beware of the muggings, except that it came out as “muggins.” So she asked me “what are muggins?” I’ll let you use your own imagination on this one, it will be good practice for you. But I will give you this hint, it had nothing to do with being robbed.

So when people ask you stupid questions, don’t get frustrated or aggravated, enjoy this little gift of self amusement. Flex your imagination and see where it can take you, and the unwitting person in front of you.