Recently a good friend of mine, world renowned survival instructor, Ron Hood passed away in his sleep, leaving his wife and son (you can find more information about this at Unfortunately, as with all situations like this, there are expenses and the loss of income that comes with this kind of sudden loss in a family. So in an effort to help out the best way I can, I have decided to sell a limited run of signed/numbered prints of a strip that was not featured on my website, or anyplace else that ArDuffle is featured. This strip will only be featured on this print, and in the upcoming issue of Survival Quarterly Magazine (Ron’s magazine), and will be seen nowhere else, nor will it ever be printed again. Ever. So don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Click here to bid on it today and have it on your wall soon.

This is number 1 of 5, the other 5 are being sold in a semi private sale to other friends of Ron. This print is framed and matted in a (roughly) $100 frame that really enhances the aesthetics, and would look great on your wall with your comic collection, or on it’s own as the start of your ArDuffle collection ;) .

All proceeds from this auction will be going directly to Karen and Jesse Hood to help in the expenses involved in losing a loved one, so please dig deep and help us show how caring the cartoon community can be. I know you can do it. Go bid now and you could be putting this on your wall very soon.

Framed ArDuffle print

Framed ArDuffle print

The story behind this strip is that Ron asked me about a month ago to do a strip for his magazine. Instead of choosing a strip I already had, I decided to come up with a strip that would feature the subject matter of the magazine. Ron loved it and was planning to run it in the upcoming issue of Survival Quarterly Magazine. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple weeks ago. However, his wife Karen told me that she still intends to run the magazine, and the strip will be included. I had thought of using this strip elsewhere that ArDuffle is featured (including on this site or GoComics), but upon Rons death I decided against it. This strip will only be available in the upcoming issue of Survival Quarterly Magazine, and in this print. You will not be able to see it anywhere else.

Click here to visit the eBay auction today and bid like you want it. Because you know you do. ;)

If you are feeling extra philanthropic, you can also donate to the Ronald D. Hood Memorial Fund at All donations would be appreciated.