I wonder if rodeo clowns ever feel like they are less than appreciated. I mean, if you are struggling with feeling less than appreciated at your job and are not fulfilled, try picking up road apples behind parade horses for a while, or cleaning toilets after a concert. You’ll find a whole new appreciation for your regular job in a hurry. But what do the people who already work as a barnacle scraper do to find fulfillment on the job? That’s when it’s time to start shaking things up. Singing a snappy little pirate tune to the rhythm of your scraping would probably make the day go a little faster.

Of course people may think you’ve finally snapped and have you committed. But hey! That’s like a paid vacation. You can play games all day, rest when you want, and nobody looks at you weird when you drool on yourself. Except for weird Mike in the corner, but he always looks that way.