I think my son really likes it when mom goes out with her friends and it’s dads turn to cook, because it generally means that we are going to get some fast food. I’ll admit it, I’m not the cook of the house, and as far as I’m concerned going and buying a Big Mac is just as good as cooking a hamburger, only better because I get fries with that. Is it healthy? Probably not but that’s what they make Ramen for, it helps to balance out the diet when it’s dad’s turn to cook. I can’t expect my son to eat fast food all the time, I have to make sure to get other forms of nourishment in there too. So I tend to switch it up between beef, chicken and shrimp flavors. We get some beef, poultry and seafood. I sometimes even throw some mixed vegetables into the pot for texture.

The little Mrs. might not see any benefit in our diet while she is away, but that’s why it’s so good that we have her around to save us from ourselves, it’s probably good to get some real food in there.