You know? It can be almost kind of sad when you go to a small county fair and see a once great band playing the main stage to a couple hundred fans, most of which just happen to be walking by. When you look into their eyes you can see that feeling of loss and you know they are thinking to themselves “I used to play to thousands, on the big stage with pyrotechnics, roadies and groupies. Now I’m stuck entertaining carnies and fat kids eating cotton candy. Where did it all go wrong?” But then you get the old bands that just disappeared, everybody wants to know what happened to them, there’s mystery, intrigue. They even have shows about it “Where are they now?” People want to know. But everybody already knows the location of the burnouts that are stuck playing weddings and Bah Mitzvahs.

So, if you find your fan base dropping dramatically it might be a good time to slowly disappear into the shadows and wait fifteen to twenty years for people to care again and have “Where are they now” knock on your door. You just might become viable again. Of course, you’ll probably still play county fairs and oldies reunion tours, but at least they’ll be big ones.