As a society we are a little crazy with signs, I have even seen a sign that read “sign ahead.” But what makes us so sure that even animals will follow our signs? I’m not even so sure they can read, yet we post them anyway, “deer crossing” “duck crossing” “do not feed raccoons to the alligators”. What does surprise me however is that they always seem to cross at those signs, just like posted. It’s amazing, it makes me wonder what else we can get them to do. Then it occurred to me one day when I saw a sign with a picture of children crossing the street (letting them know that this is a safe place to cross); it’s the picture. The animals recognize their picture. I guess they aren’t as smart as I originally gave them credit for.

Now if I can just figure out a way to draw a picture telling them to entertain me with dumb animal tricks every night while I eat, I could do away with t.v. forever. Oh well, probably not going to happen any time soon. Maybe I can get my family to do some dinner theater for me while I wait, I think I’ll have them mime Moby Dick.