Personally, I have always been leery about anything that involves cutting food out of my daily regimen and the first three letters spell “die.” I find that highly suspicious and disconcerting. And to make matters worse, the whole idea of a diet is to starve yourself in a roundabout way. And then they have the nerve to tell you that it won’t work as well without adding in some exercise. EXERCISE?! I’m already starving and weak, and now you want me to use up even more of what little fuel you’ve allowed me to take in on this cruel self torture program you’ve got me on?! Hey, I have a better idea, why don’t YOU eat this carrot and go run a marathon? I bet halfway through it you’ll rethink this diet. And they always use skinny people with high metabolisms to promote the diet. “Just look at me, I’m as skinny as a post and I feel great.” Yeah right, you didn’t get that way from this diet, I just saw you back there scarfing down a box of Ho Ho’s and a six pack of Coke. You just have the metabolism of a squirrel, twitchy.

But I have it figured out. If you’re not getting enough of what your body needs on one diet, throw another diet or two in there. Satisfaction after every meal.