High Schools have been having senior talent shows for years, and you always see the same basic things: baton twirling; flute solo; football team dressed up like the cheerleaders singing “like a virgin.” But what about something really creative? Why not go out with a bang? Make it hard for next years seniors to top. An interpretive dance routine demonstrating an earthquake, a shadow puppet show of the Chicken Dance, pop balloons with darts thrown by your toes, something people will never forget. You don’t want to just be remembered as that kid who ate paste in kindergarten, be remembered as the guy who filled the auditorium with paste bubbles floating gently around the room to the driving beat and pulsating light show of a techno spectacle.

So while little Timmy is tuning up his tuba, break out the kazoos and get ready to wow them with your all kazoo review of Beethoven 5th. They won’t soon forget that.