I like to consider staring off into space as “the creative process.” I think the whole idea of staring off into space is the act of completely taking leave of your senses and entering a vegetative like state. When I get that little dribble of drool sliding down the corner of my mouth that is when I have reached full creative potential. But you have to be careful that you only conceptualize in this state and that you don’t actually work on anything, or else all of your creative projects will come out like “gooble globber goop…huuuuuuuuhhhhh. :P *drool*.” It’s probably better to try and achieve some level of lucidity before actually putting pen to paper.

You should probably also avoid staring off into space if you are actually in space, or on a bus. You are liable to find yourself waking up in some distant galaxy with no idea how to get home.