We all know that a car isn’t an investment, nobody’s buying a new car expecting it carry them through retirement. Pretty much, if you own a car, it’s a temporary investment and you are really just renting some time with it. The only thing you’re actually purchasing is a future problem that you’re going to have to deal with someday. But why is it, that vehicles are pretty much the only thing on the planet that you can’t return or exchange without taking a big loss? Except for maybe underwear, once you’ve put on a pair of underpants, they’re yours, deal with it.

It never fails, you test drive a car and it’s the bees knees. Then you take the leap and buy it. That’s when things start to go wrong. Maybe it starts spewing smoke, or maybe you just realized that the electrical system is possessed and likes to shut off the headlights while you’re driving 55 miles an hour in the middle of the night on a winding road. Who knows what the problem, but you feel that you should be able to return it within a reasonable amount of time, only to hear “I’m sorry, it’s been off the lot. It’s not worth as much as it was when you bought it. We can buy it back from you, but we can’t give you what you paid for it yesterday.” WHAT!? And Honest Dan The Dealer Man is surprised to find out that people don’t trust him. Hmmm…go figure, I wonder what could be causing that.

Next time you go to buy a car, take it for a test drive, come back and offer them about $5,000 less than the sticker price and say “I’m sorry, it’s been off the lot, it’s not worth as much as it was earlier. I can’t be expected to pay this price.” Let them chew on that for a while.