I never understood why they only put one armrest between seats at a movie theater. If you go to the movies with somebody else, the odds are very good that there are going to be two arms needing an armrest. I wonder if it is some kind of social experiment to see how charitable people are with their comfort when sardine packed into a crowded theater. I will generally concede one armrest and just lean on the other one, it kind of takes the sting out of having to relinquish that little creature comfort when you can talk yourself into believing that you’re doing it because you like it this way better. But when there are people on both sides of me wanting to take my armrests that’s where I draw the line. I get one or both, I’m not going to fold myself up and be pinched into my little seat for the entire length of a movie. Can you imagine having to sit through Lord Of The Rings with both shoulders folded in so the people to your right and left can be comfortable? That’s a little long for my taste, somebodies gonna give up an armrest. They may not realize it now, but they will, believe me they will.