Superheroes have donned the tights from their inception, most likely to enable you to witness their incredible physiques, and prevent anything from impeding your ability to note the heroic way they stand. But what’s with the underwear on the outside? I say it simply comes down to a matter of time management. It would be hard for a super hero to go about their business of saving us mere mortals if every time they found themselves in a crowd of meager civilians they had to answer the question “tighty whitey’s or boxers?” This is an important question. People want to know. So in their natural heroic way, always caring about the concerns of the little people, they provide us with the answer right up front. Saves a lot of time.

I think, however, that if I were a super hero, I would be the only one with the goofy looking smiley face boxers on the outside of my super suit. It would probably be for the best though, as my physique is not exactly incredible and the way I stand can not be mistaken for heroic. I would be the super hero for the mediocre, “Captain Mediocrity!” Even the average need a super hero.