To those who know me it comes as no surprise that I am a hockey freak. To me, hockey is the spice of life, and the time in between seasons is a long arduous example of purgatory. My Grandpa used to have a saying “I just love it when a boxing match breaks out into a game of hockey.” There are very few activities in life where it is deemed acceptable to get creamed by some big bruiser and still be expected to get back up and move on like it didn’t mean anything, and hockey is the king. Hockey holds a lot of great lessons for life: when you get knocked down, get up and shake it off like it didn’t happen; if you take life in shifts you won’t tire out so quickly; and a toothless smile can be a badge of honor.

So, next time you have some big bruiser staring you down, look to hockey for your inspiration and check him into the nearest wall and run away really quick like. At the very least he’s bound to think you’re crazy and leave you alone. And if all else fails surround yourself with big friends. It works in the world of hockey.