It’s not really uncommon for people to find themselves bored and unfulfilled in the rigors of the daily grind. And we often find our thoughts turning towards wonderful career options like underwater basket weaving or full time gummy worm training to break us out of our doldrums. But it’s not very often that we can really make a lucrative career of fortune cookie writing, there just aren’t many openings. We’ve all sat at our jobs, staring blankly into the deepest parts of our minds and thought “Wow! There’s nothing here…” wait…wrong story…I mean “If only I were a cheese sprayer, then life would be great.” But can you really make money as a cheese sprayer? Probably not, and then eventually you would just get tired of cheese, and then you would be broke, tired and hungry (because you would never want cheese again) and you would find yourself thinking “If only I could be a rodeo clown, then I could get out of this place.” It’s a viscous cycle.

Pick up a hobby, enjoy it and share it with the world if you must. But keep your home, maintain a healthy food regimen and live a long happy life. If your hobby becomes lucrative, all the more power to you, then you can start thinking about a career change. But don’t blow a good thing while you have it. You just might look back and say “If only I were back at my job as an oyster floater, I wouldn’t be in this mess.” Think about it.